Freedom in the bind

Binds are tricky. 

There is a Houdini like gene that yogis posess which allows us to wiggle our way through most anything. A flexibility and strength that comes from embodying the dynamic energies of the universe, a playful yet structured way of working with the world. 

Binds are boundaries, limits we place on ourselves in order to expand. During physical Yoga, this boundary is the container of our muscles which need a constant supplication for engagement in order to serve as protectors. 

We feel most free when when we are engaged within a container of stability. Muscular contraction sends signals through our connective tissue that it is safe to release, which allows us to stretch and open with awareness and freedom. Just like any organism, we can grow from the right causes and conditions, developing most healthily from the feedback of nurture, safety and trust which is communicated through our own muscular strength. We thrive on these basic foundational qualities. Do we stop expanding at where we believe our strength ends? Never. Because there is always more. We find something beyond this bumping-up against and grappling, something bigger. And with each breath, we may teeter towards surrendering, retreat into the discipline of engaging, somehow allowing futility to entwine itself with the feeling of letting go, intermittently seeing through our game. Asking ourselves what we are committing to, binding our muscles to our bones with gentle awareness, this pulsing, dynamic body becomes a diamond. 

I dedicate today’s practice to Mr. Camus and to the countless great yogis who sparkle in my heart. May your luminosity radiate from any actions in this body.