Do Rey Mi


The stars

The cars

On the 405 with jams
And the streets full of bars



Secret in shadows

Too much to know
When to stop is never a go

I loved you in the virgin olive tree

Yesterday’s behind me

Am I a witch?

Or fire breather?
Maybe neither
Maybe just a bikini dancer
After all, it’s in my blood
Did I tell you my ma danced naked in a bar? She soared between stars

And I could dream on and on about which thoughts are hard?

Maybe a protecter
A psychic reflector
Or a bullshit detector
A shrink that’s inflated her ego
A songbird who needs a show

A bit o’ Recognition

A warm disposition
Quick to sail

Over the sea of apologies
I’ll navigate the ocean of some sorries
Que sera

Whatever will be
The future is me
But It’s late.

         Passed bedtime. 

Up are ya?

Your sake is full of please

Empty of the skill that fools me

Hear that record skip
We’ve had a bit
of BS journeys

Once with a German accent from the man in the lobby

Moroccan Cow’s shell
You’re going too far
Even though I think it was the perfect thing

Now you’re now delivering pizzas 

Near a man kayaking

With oars down the LA River

The time and space giver

It came and it went

Pacing with fire when I was four

And Reaching for a bottle of something more to pour
Man, I sure do pull all the guys out of boredom
But the words I hide—or they’d destroy them
May I call you on my train?
Call you and me trouble?
Call you and me treatable?
Call you n me true?
Call you and me traders?
What i want to do most is
Call you under my tree

For a kiss 

These are few and far between journeys
WIth a double green tear drop
to let you know
I love you