That’s how it crumbles…cookie wise

fortune cookieHilarious. I’m looking for any sign today—anything that could sum it all up and deliver that special something I could hang on to. Because that’ s how I roll when I’m confused. I’m the person who sees signs and reads them and gets really into shit because I’m paying attention and working with it (and quite aggressively might I add). Well, after my pad thai coma, I open my fleshy-looking fortune cookie about ready to read something that I could connect to some part of MY journey, because well, that’s what yogis do. So, I crack that cookie open.

And it’s empty.

At this point, I’m the only one at this terrible Thai restaurant who for a second is utterly perplexed. Not because they shouldn’t be serving fortune cookies at Thai restaurants, since after all, it’s a Chinese thing, but because I’m on fucking phenomenological mission. And this tiny gap of confusion might also mean something. It’s like that cookie really broke something open with a very odd twist of humor. Then, my lovely girlfriend nervously utters beneath her breath, “You know what they say about an empty fortune cookie?” She lowers her voice to a whisper, “They say that means you’re dying.”

And then with some fearful yet relieved sigh, I reply, “Finally! Someone’s telling me something.” 

At some point, I’ll get a practice in and remember my body.